• Energy Management
    The production and consumption of energy is very costly, both to the environment and to organisational profitability. ImproChem provides hydrocarbon processing, fossil fuel combustion and water management solutions that help save energy by maintaining the mechanical and operational efficiency and integrity of plant and equipment. Contact us for more information on our energy management solutions.
  • Air Management
    Clean air is essential to the health and wellbeing of all who share this planet. We at ImproChem work with our Customers and the community to minimise air pollution or impurities resulting from activities and processes that generate airborne dust, toxic emissions and noxious odours. Contact us for more information on our advanced dust and odour control solutions.
  • Water Management
    Clean water is a precious and limited resource, without which we cannot exist. We at ImproChem work closely with industry to maximise the safe, efficient and environmentally sound use of water, wherever and whenever it is used. Contact us for more information on sustainable water treatment, conservation, re-use and recycle solutions.

Water, Energy and Air Management

ImproChem provides innovative, high quality, safe, integrated water, energy, air and hygiene solutions which add sustainable value to our customers, as well as our owners, employees and communities.

We serve a diversity of industries including upstream oil and gas extraction and production, crude oil refining, CTL and GTL plants, downstream petrochemicals, mining, metals, power generation, food and beverage, paper, sugar, textiles, automotive and many more. 

ImproChem...water, energy and air solutions for you!



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